Senior Individualized Project

The Senior Individualized Project, or SIP, is a major component of your Kalamazoo College liberal arts education. It is important to place the SIP within the context of your overall educational experience. The SIP should be a capstone of your academic achievement; it comes at during a crucial period of your college education– the transition through the Senior year, into graduation, and into the world. The SIP needs to be conceived in a way that will help propel you through this process. The SIP can represent you to prospective graduate schools and employers. It is worth taking seriously.

Every student must complete a SIP to graduate from Kalamazoo College, but the SIP does not need to be in the major department. Economics and Business students have successfully finished SIPs in other departments. You need the appropriate background to undertake a SIP outside your major field. If you have any doubts, contact a faculty member in the department. Experiential SIPs in our department will only be available to non-majors upon approval of a written petition to the Department of Economics and Business before Registration.

The Department of Economics and Business offers three different SIP options:

  1. Two-Credit Research SIP
  2. One-Credit Experiential SIP
  3. One-Credit Library Research SIP

For complete details see the Department SIP Handbook.

Registering for a SIP is different from registering for regular classes. If you plan on writing a one-credit SIP in the Department of Economics and Business, then you need to submit a SIP proposal form (PDF, 79KB) to the Department SIP coordinator. The SIP coordinator will then assign a SIP supervisor. If you plan on writing a two-credit SIP in the Department, you will need to secure a professor within the Department who is willing to act as your SIP supervisor. This process is not automatic; you will need to meet with a potential faculty member early to discuss your topic and explore mutual interest. If interest exists, you need to submit a written proposal to the faculty member. Upon final approval, the faculty member will sign your SIP registration form. You must then take this signed form to the Department’s SIP Coordinator for his/her signature. Once Departmental approval has been obtained, you also need to register for SIP credits with the Registrar’s Office.

Missing SIP deadlines will result in a failing grade (NC) for your SIP. This would almost certainly delay your graduation and require you to complete your SIP as a Super Senior.

Additional SIP Resources

Economics and Business SIP Workshop

Please refer to the Kalamazoo College Library guide titled, BUSN/ECON 380: Research Methods in Economics/Business, for the Economics and Business SIP Workshop.

Previous Economics and Business SIP’s

Are you interested in viewing past Economics and Business major SIP’s? Visit Economics and Business Senior Individualized Projects in the Kalamazoo College digital archives.