Mission Statement

Integrating Economics and Business, theory and practice, we develop creative, broad-minded problem-solvers and leaders.

Distinctive features of the curriculum


The majors in economics and business are integrated through a common core that explores economic theories, statistical methods, and mathematics. Economic theory provides students with the theoretical foundations necessary to understand real-world problems. Strong quantitative reasoning skills help students to analyze carefully and systematically complex problems, skills needed for success in life and future careers.

Breadth of Knowledge

All majors, whether in economics or business, are taught in a liberal arts environment. With two-thirds of their courses taken outside of the major, students are exposed to a broad range of disciplines and ways of thinking. This trains students to approach creatively problems from multiple perspectives.

Global Perspective

All graduates achieve proficiency in a second language. Approximately seventy percent of majors participate in a significant study abroad program. Almost all faculty members have lived and/or taught in countries outside the United States. This exposure helps students obtain a global perspective, as well as inter-cultural communications skills and independence.

Practical Leadership

The curriculum, in economics and business, prepares students to be successful in many settings: private, public, profit, nonprofit, domestic, or international. Building from theoretical foundations, most courses present real-world applications that create team players, independent thinkers, and leaders. These skills are further honed in internships and externships.

Distinctive features of the faculty

Passion for Teaching

The faculty is committed to developing and sharing innovative teaching practices. Students benefit from rich class discussions, novel ways of learning, and close relationship with their professors. While scholarship is valued (and necessary), teaching is our first priority.


The faculty is diverse in many respects. Our different backgrounds (gender, ethnicity, nationality, private sector experience, and public service), give students a unique and varied experience in the classroom.